Download the programme at glance here (updated 04.05.16)

Download the full programme file here (updated 09.06.16)

Download poster overview here (instructions for poster presentations) (updated 07.06.16)


The Vittorio Ventafridda lecture in Dublin will be held by professor Russell Portenoy from Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York, USA:

«Palliative care services in the US health care system – what is the evidence?»

Themed sessions:

  • Information technology in palliative care
  • Mortality followback surveys in end of life care research
  • Advance care planning
  • To the future: optimum methodology in cancer pain studies
  • Implementation of guidelines
  • What is palliative care?
  • EAPC RN / PRC session

The rest of the programme will be abstract-driven.


Please note that abstracts will only be available online, there will not be printed abstract books available during the congress.

Abstract numbers

Plenary abstracts

5 of the abstracts which received the highest review scores will present in plenary sessions. There are in total three plenary sessions during the congress, one each day.

Free communication abstracts

102 abstracts will be presented in parallel oral communication sessions. The abstracts are selected based on average review score. There are in total 17 free communication sessions. 15 minutes are allocated for presentation of each abstract (8 minutes presentation + 7 minutes  discussion).

Cutoff score: Ca. 3.0

Poster presentations and poster discussion sessions

About 400 abstracts will be presented as posters, in one poster set lasting throughout the congress.

Out of these, 12 posters have been chosen for 2 poster discussion sessions. These sessions will be arranged as panel debates, with senior researchers facilitating the debate.

Cutoff score: 2.4

Meet the expert sessions

For this congress, the traditional learning sessions in the morning have been abandoned. Instead researchers were encouraged to submit research protocols in a separate category. 8 of the submitted protocols have been chosen for discussion in 2 parallel sessions facilitated by senior researchers.

Print only

361 abstracts were allocated to «print only». These abstracts will be printed in the abstract book, a special edition of Palliative Medicine, but will not be presented at the congress.


Abstracts with an average review score below 1.5 were rejected, in total 50 abstracts.